International Sepsis Symposium

A gathering of top sepsis experts

Simon Finfer, Mervyn Singer, John Marshall, Kathy Rowan, Ron Daniels and more

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Course overview

The International Sepsis Symposium is a gathering of top sepsis experts from around the world delivering impactful talks for practicing clinicians.

The meeting consists of:

  1. 15 minute talks divided into 6 sessions:
    • Sepsis: is it a public health emergency?
    • Sepsis: it's all about infection
    • How to improve sepsis outcomes
    • Management of septic shock
    • Sepsis Research
    • Is it all about inflammation?
  2. A one hour panel discussion on 'Sepsis Management and Controversies'
  3. The Sepsis six - closing 6-minute presentations titled:
    • what irritates me when others do it and why?
    • what I'd like to leave you with

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Duration 354 mins.

Course Lecturer

A selection of leading sepsis experts from around the world

Simon Finfer - Chair of International Sepsis Forum

John Marshall - Trauma Surgeon and past Chair of ISF

Mervyn Singer - Prof. of ICU, University College London

Kathryn Maitland - Prof. of Paediatric Tropical Infections

Derrick Crook - Prof. of Microbiology, Oxford Univeristy

Ron Daniels - Chief Executive of UK sepsis trust

Vida Hamilton - Clinical Lead for Sepsis in Ireland

Anthony Gordon - Prof. of ICU, Imperial College London

Kathy Rowan - Founder and Director of ICNARC

Jecko Thachil - Chair of DIC committee, ISTH

Ken Baillie - Consultant ICU & ISF Lowry Fink Fellow

Gordon Ramage - Prof. of Medical Microbiology, Glasgow